Meet Up

First we have a “get to know each other” conversation. No stress. No expectations. Just understanding your story, what you are passionate about, and the goals you want to tackle.

Explore & Create

I soak in our first conversation and do my own research on the content or project. I may request additional items, such as preexisting collateral, sitemaps, or schedule another conversation for follow-up questions. Otherwise, this is the step where I really dig in to understand and find your brand’s voice. In some cases, we will need to start from scratch and explore what your brand is (and isn’t), and how it communicates to its audience. This process keeps the brand voice front and center and is the filter for all content that is produced. This is also the step where a compiling a creative brief or outline may be a good fit. I find when there are a lot of team members involved, having a master plan to direct where the project is headed keeps everyone moving in the same direction.

Edit Mode

Once your brand content is ready I like to do a edit session with you. I utilize an easy-to-use, online comment system so you can review the content in your time, and leave questions and comments for me to see. This gives us a chance to collaborate on strategy and make any tweaks to ensure the brand content is good-to-go!


I believe in working with others…

I collaborate with marketing and sales teams, agencies, business owners, and creative entrepreneurs to bring their project visions to life. My brand writing includes industries such as Financial, Real Estate, Technology, Faith-based, Smart Home Technology, Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Personal Branding, Graphic Design, Event and Hospitality, Healthcare, Grants and Fundraising, Residential Cleaning Services and others.