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Motherhood: Experience v.s. Expertise

Motherhood: Experience v.s. Expertise

*whispering to herself*  Wow. it has been a VERY long time since I published to my blog. 

I am a brand writer and a first-time mom. This mom gig is hard. The brand writer gig is hard. Two very different levels of “hardness”. The first, I have worked, achieved, and focused my way to being an expert in brand writing. The second, I have worked and worked, tried and failed and focused and re-focused again and again to be an expert mom. It is possible to be an expert at brand writing. It is impossible to be an expert at motherhood.

I have been a mom for a little over six months now. It is a 24/7 role for me because even when I am sleeping I am thinking about and subconsciously listening for my babe. As a mom, I am “ON” 24/7 in one way or another.

It is a popular perspective that when you spend 10,000 hours on a skill, you will have mastered it. This concept that “you will be successful if you deliberately practice” was popularized in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, and I have heard it in some form or another in numerous business seminars. Well, I have put in over 5,000 hours at this point. Am I halfway to being an expert in motherhood?


For all the time and effort involved with motherhood, you can not achieve your way to being a mom. You can only experience motherhood.

Experiencing motherhood is about focusing on the “being” side of motherhood and not the “doing” side. Granted, as a mom, I have a lot of things to do: diapering, bathing, feeding, making sure she doesn’t hit her head on a plethora of objects (to name a few). However, if I am so obsessed on doing motherhood “right” and I don’t shift my mind and heart toward just "being” a mom, I will always feel like I have fallen short. I am human, my daughter is human, and there is no room for perfection in this relationship.

When my babe hits one year, I will be even closer to the 10,000 hours, and I will have experienced some pretty great times and some very tough times. All of them a part of motherhood. All of them, a part of me.

*This post is a part of my #naptimechallenge for myself. It is a form of self-care for me to create and challenge myself to finish (in a fun way) what I start in the span of her nap. The babe is rustling on the monitor, and I have days worth of dry shampoo to wash out…so better go!

For all those who took the time to read this…thank you! And here is some cuteness overload for your time. The babe was about to size out of her favorite onesie and sweater, so an impromptu photo session had to happen.

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