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The day I was asked if I dropped out of college

The day I was asked if I dropped out of college

Once, I took a huge cut in pay and to my pride in order to get closer to my dreams. I had worked hard for others and gave my dreams whatever mental leftovers I had in my schedule. But there came a moment when I knew I needed to make changes in order to grow.

It took me a long time to make a decision because I was afraid of jeopardizing my career and family, but I eventually let go of my worry and left my  job to go after my own work.

During the process, I took a small side job as a receptionist to create margin in my budget. I had to let go of some pride, but the position’s low stress, flexible schedule, and friendly staff gave me the mental room I needed. So, I settled into wearing a boring pant suit and ugly office shoes all in the name of pursuing my dreams.

One day, I was cleaning the coffee area - an important watering hole for any office - and one of the tenants approached me to strike up conversation. She was super nice and shared about her journey of running her own business. I admire woman who charge forward for their dreams, so I listened intently to her story. Soon she turned the conversation to me and asked how I found myself working as a receptionist, and if I had dropped out of college.

…*mental crickets*…

She was completely sincere (and serious), so I chuckled quietly and explained I had a bachelor’s in public relations and advertising, and this job was simply a means to gaining more traction on my own goals. 

“Oh” was her reaction, which was followed by more…*mental crickets*…

I must admit, I was shocked she assumed I was a college drop out just because I was the front desk attendant at an office park. Since then, I have moved on from that job and pushed aside my frustration of trying to understand how she arrived at her assumption. And I realize that in that moment I was facing my own fears. Fear that I would be judged and found I'm not good enough...and all because I was doing it wrong. 

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Pearce

There is so much to unpack from this story, but right now I am speaking to anyone with dreams and goals: You WILL be judged by others. MANY will think you aren’t good enough, BUT you don’t have to fear being wrong. If you are teetering with a decision that brings you closer to your dreams, don’t let the fear of being wrong be the reason you never make a move.

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