I believe in brand writing awesomeness.

What's that? Well, it's a message that is zeroed in on who you are, while being focused on what you want to communicate. It's essentially the intersection of where your brand lives and the audience it speaks to.

This is where I come in.  


Content Writing

I spend time with you and your team to understand the content goals and audience, and then craft a message that speaks to your brand. Content writing can touch many areas of your brand...here are just a few:

copywriting for content • websites • newsletters • blogs • press releases • magazine articles • brochures • advertising • social media messaging • video scripts • electronic and print marketing pieces • ghost writing


 Content Editing

From time to time you need a "branding brain" to look over your current content. I can review your content, offer feedback on flow, and do proofing to make sure it's good to go for distribution.


Content Deployment

There's no point to crafting amazing brand content if you never push it out! I assist you with its deployment and management by publishing it to your channels on schedule (blog, social media, printer, etc.), or I can supply you with a content roadmap to help you employ a self-guided publishing schedule. 


Brand Voice Breakdown

Scheduling a "Brand Message Breakdown" session is a great place to begin if you are starting from scratch on your brand development.  I meet with you and creatively dive into your brand style, process and dream clientele. The session will result in a clearly defined brand voice description, mission statement, brand channel suggestions and other brand identifiers packaged in a PDF guide.



A quick introduction...


Hi, Jenna here...

I like to connect with, dream with, and encourage people to thrive. I do the same with brands, because in the end, people are really what make brands real. The people who birth them, and the people who believe in them.

I am a fun but focused writer with a background in PR, marketing communications, publishing and wrangler of creative details. I am not a "young gun creative for hire", but rather a brand writing expert ready to listen and expand your brand's story.

Oh, plus I love coffee and good conversation. Thanks for reading...

- Jenna